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About Us

What is Learnability?

Learnability is a knowledge base for educators and learners of all ages. We gather free, high-quality educational resources from around the internet and make them easily accessible for the everyday educator. Think of us as a curated search engine for all your educational needs.

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Need some activity ideas, ready-made assessments, virtual field trips, or engaging videos to kickstart your next round of lesson planning? See Curricular Resources 


Want to experiment with free accessibility tools or technologies to engage your students? See Tools & Technologies 


Looking for free professional development courses, fellowship & award applications, or online communities to connect with other teachers? See Professional Development 


Learnability also regularly publishes listicles, quizzes, and short articles about up-and-coming educational research that are quick and easy to read. Find them under Articles

Teachers have enough work on their plates without spending hours sifting through questionable, spammy, and low-quality search results. By doing the work of gathering and organizing free resources, our Learnability HQ team aims to build a more open-access world where knowledge is shared, not sold.  

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Our Story

We are simply a team of two educational teachers, learners, and researchers who were frustrated by the lack of effort by academics to make their findings, resources, and expertise accessible and practical for everyday educators. 

We were tired of equity and access being used as buzzwords while also seeing knowledge being siloed away from the folks who need it most. So we did something about it.

In the Summer of 2020, we first conceptualized what would eventually become What started as a mini quarantine passion project turned into 3 full years of ideation, development, design, resource aggregation, and research.

As of August 18th 2023, officially launched. But the road doesn't stop here! As the internet, the education industry, and the academy produce seemingly infinite amounts of knowledge and resources, we will continue to humbly attempt to catch up.

Meet the HQ Team

Chief Innovation & Technical Officer

Chief Content Officer

Morgan Vickery

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Morgan is a Learning Sciences PhD Candidate at Indiana University and a product architect & user experience (UX) designer where she collaborates with digital product teams to develop and design educational software. Her backgrounds in Computer

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Science, Education, and UX enable her to bring an interdisciplinary perspective to her research that addresses the design of accessible, inclusive multimodal, and trauma-informed learning environments.

Morgan’s efforts all work towards the mission to make education accessible to all and to take an activist approach to both education and UX research as she seeks to share knowledge with students, teachers, practitioners, and academics alike.

Megan Humburg

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Megan has a PhD in the Learning Sciences and is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Indiana University. She has previously taught IU's educational psychology courses for pre-service teachers. Her research centers on how to design curricula and technology

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that engage learners emotionally and socially, while also encouraging them to develop a deep understanding of difficult ideas. She also studies how learners can use their bodies and movement to connect physically with the ideas they explore in class and to generate joy and excitement during learning. 

Megan is passionate in her belief that the knowledge generated in the academy and beyond should be fully accessible to everyone, and especially to the educators and learners who can benefit from it most. 

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