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A Knowledge Base For Educators,
By Educators.


Follow the conversation

Jargon-free and easily-digestible articles, listicles, and quizzes about up-and-coming educational research.


Learn something new

A database of open-access, free, and vetted curricular, technological, and professional development resources.


Find some support

Curated posts from the teachers, students, professors, and educational researchers who already said it best.

Who we are

The HQ team is a group of learning researchers and educators who were frustrated by the exclusion of everyday educators from innovations in education research & industry.

Thus, we developed to combat these practices through...

...the translation of academic research and jargon into practical articles
...the vetting & promotion of open-access online resources without fees
...the spotlighting of voices committed to equitable & inclusive education

Because knowledge should be shared, not sold.



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